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More than 10 years of experience and over 10.000 satisfied clients are just a few of reasons why to choose CAR4YOU Sarajevo rent a car.

With many years of experience, constant renovation of the car fleet, investing in education of employees, favourable prices and special approach to our clients, we received one of the greatest rewards, satisfaction of our dear clients and our great satisfaction is a fact that our effort and work was recognized not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also on a world scale.

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Rent a car Sarajevo
Dear users, all types of vehicles are represented in the CAR4YOU RENT A CAR fleet, so according to your requirements, you can choose from small city vehicles, compact vehicles, comfortable limousines, through minivans with a lot of luggage space to exciting SUVs.

All CAR4YOU RENT A CAR vehicles have air conditioning, and in each of our branches you can rent a wide selection of additional equipment, from child seats for all ages, navigation, to roof boxes and racks.

The CAR4YOU RENT A CAR offer includes super affordable long-term rentals for legal entities, one-way vehicle rentals, the possibility of leaving the vehicle abroad, as well as vehicle delivery and pickup throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Rent a car Sarajevo
You need safe and comfortable transportation from one place to another.

Let CAR4YOU comfortable vehicles, experienced and helpful drivers and timely and carefree arrival to the final destination be your choice.

From the airport to the hotel or any other destination in the country or abroad, business or personal needs, with CAR4YOU transfer all your expectations will be met.

If you need passangers transfer:
  • • For transport form airport to the destination
  • • For official and personal travels
  • • For turist excursions and tours
  • • For fairs, business meetings and protocol events.
Feel free to contact us and arrange your next transfer with CAR4YOU.
Rent a car Sarajevo
CAR4YOU - FLEET4BUSINESS rent implies a special relationship with the CAR4YOU RENT A CAR business system, which is reflected in the fact that the offer includes the combined services of financing, vehicle acquisition, defining residual values, defining maintenance costs, tire costs, insurance costs, and all other costs of using the vehicle .

This approach allows the client complete flexibility and adjustment of the level of service to his needs.

One of the key advantages resulting from this approach is the possibility of adjusting each contract depending on the actual mileage during use.

Although the total price depends on a number of circumstances such as the size of the company and the size of the fleet, the number of kilometers traveled and the like, it is estimated that the rental price in the end can be up to 30 percent lower on an annual basis if the car is rented, compared to the decision to buy a car. The reason for this is the fact that car rental is considered a business expense and is deducted from corporate income tax.

A significant financial effect of this way of purchasing a car for the company is that it does not have to spend a lot of money at once or submit a loan application for the purchase of a car.

CAR4YOU - FLEET4BUSINESS is a long-term vehicle rental service, tailored to facilitate your business and fleet management with significant savings, and long-term rental duration and mileage adapted to your needs.

With the CAR4YOU - FLEET4BUSINESS service, forget about all obligations related to vehicle maintenance (technical inspection, registration, possible damages, countless bills, insurance, depreciation, etc.), save time and use it to the best of your ability for your business. Provide a suitable vehicle for your business traveler, regional manager, manager...

Advantages of FLEET4BUSINESS service:
  • • Without engaging of your own capital
  • • Without amortization for the vehicle inside of business papers (books)
  • • Forget about registration, insurance, keeping the vehicle
  • • Easier control of spending – one bill for everything
  • • No need of spending for additional working power
  • • No needs for evaluations, technical examinations
  • • If the vehicle is damaged, you are still mobile with our substitute vehicle
Through service FLEET4BUSINESS it is included:
  • • Insurance of the vehicle (basic insurance, Kasko-insurance, repair costs, insurance which take place in any of the countries of the region)
  • • Registration of the vehicle (costs of registration and technical oversees)
  • • Keeping the vehicle (oversees according to technical book of the vehicle, repairs for all unplanned damages during the rent period, replacing of the vehicle, keeping and replacing season tires, additional equipment if needed, winter equipment)
  • • Control of spending reviewed on a single account during all of the time of rent period as it stands in the contract
  • • Taking over and the delivery of the vehicle anywhere in BiH
  • • 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, we are with you!
Rent a car Sarajevo
Navigation device
  • • The Map of Europe (included CRO, BiH, MN, ALB, SRB )
  • • LCD screen, Touchscreen
  • • Battery: Lithium Ion autonomy up to 1 hour
  • • On-board computer displays: current speed, maximum speed, time trends, stop time, route planner, point of interest...
Baby Seats
  • • Baby seats which are placed in the opposite direction of travel, 10-13 kilograms
  • • Baby seats for childrens until 18 kilograms and which are placed in the direction of driving and opposite direction
  • • Baby seats for childrens between 9 -18 kilograms which are palced in the driving direction
  • • Car seats for children between 15-36 kilograms (per child age 3-12 years old)
Roof rails
For the purposes of the larger luggage space on your journey in its range of additional equipment offers you roof rails and roof boxes.