Terms found in these General conditions of the rental agreement means:
1. “Lessor” – Business to Business d.o.o.
2. “The Lessee” – legal or physical person, organization renting the vehicle according to these General conditions
3. “Driver” – person with authority for using/driving the rented vehicle, responsible to follow the regulations inside rental agreement and General conditions
4. “Additional driver” – with additional pay, second person, besides the driver, authorized for using the rented vehicle, responsible to follow the regulations from rental agreement and General conditions
5. “Vehicle” – vehicle stated in the rental agreement
Renting of the vehicle can be long-term and short-term. Short-term rent is up to 30 days. Long-term rent can be possible only with a legal person.

Article 1. – Authorized vehicle use

Person authorized for vehicle use must be older than 21 years of age and own a drivers licence for at least 2 years (2x365 days).
Vehicle can’t be used in any way in these cases:
1. If person who drives is not authorized by the rental agreement as a The Lessee, driver or additional driver
2. Person effected by alcohol, narcotics, any kind of sleeping pills or similar medications
3. For payed transportation of passengers or goods
4. Outside the borders of BiH, without written permission of the Lessor
5. For taking place in any kind of races or sport events and trainings
6. For moving or pulling any kind of other vehicle or objects
7. When the vehicle is not in driving condition or it is overload with passengers or baggage
8. In any illegal activities that relies on using, loading or driving the vehicle
All of these regulations are not excluding each other. All eventual costs made as a consequence for breaking the law or some of the upwritten limitations will be charged to a The Lessee, outside the insurance. Responsibility of Lessor is completely excluded.

Article 2. – taking and returning of the vehicle

The Lessee receives the vehicle in perfect technical condition and must return it in the same condition, except usual natural spending, at exactly right time and place as stated in rental agreement. Lessor does not take the responsibility for damages made by The Lessee who is late with the delivery of the vehicle. If, for some reason, vehicle requires some kind of special cleaning process, it will be charged to The Lessee.

Article 3. – Prolongation of the rent

If The Lessee wants to prolong the rent, he has to inform the Lessor or the person from who he rented a vehicle, 24 hours before, and sign a new rental agreement. If not, it will be considered as a theft and Lessor will inform the police about it.

Article 4. – Mileage

Short-term rental agreement includes unlimited mileage. In the long-term rental agreement limitation of the mileage is defined by the contract.

Article 5. – Fuel

The Lessee takes and returns the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. If not, he will be charged for a full tank by the pricelist of the Lessor.

Article 6. – Keeping the vehicle

The Lessee must operate with the rented vehicle with a lot of care and attention. Always lock the doors and close up the windows and always keep the car documents at his side, never to leave it inside the vehicle. He must regularly check out the engine and oil, water in the cooler, car battery and tires pressure. He must change the engine oil every 10.000 km, exclusively inside the Lessors service place. The Lessee is responsible for all the damage caused by inappropriate usage of the vehicle.
If during the rental period vehicle gets to a mileage when it needs a regular technical examination, The Lessee must inform the Lessor and bring the vehicle exclusively in the service of the Lessor. The Lessee will not be charged for regular services outside Lessor only if he receives the written authorization to do so.

Article 7. – Damages

All repairs and/or replacements of the parts of the vehicle must be done exclusively inside the services of the Lessor. If not, The Lessee is responsible for all eventual damages. In case that any part of the vehicle is replaced or missing unauthorized, it will be charged in the amount three times bigger than actual price. In case that damage was made by The Lessees mistake, costs of repair will be charged to The Lessee.
If, because of the damage, vehicle is out of order, The Lessee must secure the vehicle from other new damages and immediately inform the Lessor.
Lessor is not responsible for damage made by The Lessee or damage made during the rental period. Besides replacements written in this act, The Lessee is not authorized to do any other replacements on the vehicle.

Article 8. – Documents

The Lessee receives the vehicle with all needed documents. In case he lose any of those, keys, registration plates, etc. he will additionally be charged for costs by the Lessors pricelist.

Article 9. – Insurance of the vehicle

All vehicles of the Lessor are insured for damage made to a third person.
Insurance does not cover in any case:
1. Any type of damage made intentionally or carelessly
2. Theft, if The Lessee does not have the keys and documents of the vehicle (especially registration licence)
3. Any type of damage or lost vehicle that is not reported to the police or does not have the police register
4. Tires damages
5. Damage on the downside of the vehicle, gearbox, interior of the vehicle and windshield glass caused by the drivers careless
6. Damage on the engine caused by engine oil missing, using wrong type of fuel or careless car usage
7. Damage made by driver under effect of alcohol, drugs or similar medications
8. Damage made by unauthorized driver
9. Any type of damage of the vehicle not reported to the police
In all stated cases, The Lessee will be charged up to full price of the vehicle, as also for lost profit made by the case.
In case of any type of damage, traffic accident or car theft, The Lessee must immediately inform the Lessor and report the case to the police station.

Article 10. – insurance of the passengers

For additional daily pay, according to executive pricelist of insurance, passengers are insured up to amount of insurance policy in case of death or incapability as a consequence of the accident in which rented vehicle took place.

Article 11. – Damages

The Lessee is responsible for any loss or damage on the vehicle made by him intentionally or carelessly or as a consequence of not obeying the rental agreement or General conditions, and will be charged for all damage caused this way as also lost profit up to full value of the vehicle, except in case responsibility is payed by daily payment for some types of insurance defined by pricelist of insurance of the Lessor.

Article 12. – Loss of possession

Lessor is not responsible for damage or loss of possessions from The Lessee or possessions of other persons, that were inside or transported by the rented vehicle, serves vehicle or working places of Lessor. By signing this contract, The Lessee exclusively gives up from any request for paying the damage from Lessor in case up stated damage or loss.

Article 13. – Subrent (Underrent)

The Lessee is not allowed to give rented vehicle in subrent, except he has an exclusive written authorization signed by the Lessor.

Article 14. – Paying the bills

Vehicles can be rented by daily price according to a valid pricelist, where one day of rent means a period of 24 hours after concluded rental agreement. Bill can be payed exclusively with the credit card of a The Lessee if he is a physical person, except in case Lessor allows differently. When signing the rental agreement, and taking over the vehicle, preauthorization of the The Lessees credit card must be done. When the rent period expires, if it is not prepaid, Lessor charges rent of the vehicle as other costs by slip-copy of credit card (completing). The Lessee, besides costs of renting, must pay all other costs that are considered by the General conditions, and all according to Lessors pricelist.
By signing this contract, The Lessee agrees that with his credit card, Lessor can charge all costs of repairs or losses discovered 24 hours after the vehicle is brought back, which The Lessee didn’t report to a Lessor according with the procedure of giving back the vehicle. Also, Lessor is authorized in same way to charge all traffic penalties, parking tickets etc. that happened during the rental period, multiplied with eventual manipulative costs.

Article 15. – Examination and taking back the vehicle

Lessor is authorized to control any vehicle at any time. If happens that The Lessee broke any of the regulations from rental agreement or General conditions, Lessor has right to take back the vehicle and without delaying determine the rental agreement.

Article 16. – Personal information (data)

Copies of personal documents of the The Lessee must be the part of rental agreement.
The Lessee gives his personal information willingly and Lessor can use them only for his needs. The Lessee gives the authority for using of his personal data in purpose of marketing actions of the Lessor. Lessor can ask for some of the original documents from The Lessee to keep them during the rental period if The Lessee agrees with that.

Article 17. – Changes and supplements

Changes and supplements of the rental agreement and General conditions can be valid only in written form. If any of these regulations would not be valid, it does not reflect on validity of the rental agreement or complete General conditions (terms).

Article 18. – Authorities

The Lessee with his signature agrees exclusively with the General conditions of Lessor, and assures accomplishments of the conditions of minimum age for using the vehicle, as the accuracy of all information and accepts the jurisdiction of the Court in Sarajevo in case that is needed.
The Lessee with his signature on the rental agreement and General conditions (terms), agrees that persons responsible for paying for all costs made by rental agreement:
1. The Lessee
2. Driver – in case that The Lessee refuse to pay fully or partly costs of rental agreement
3. Additional driver – in case that The Lessee or driver refuse to pay partly or fully costs made by rental agreement